GOV® Ortho-K
GOV® Ortho-K contact lenses are tailored-made contact lenses designed to correct refractive errors (including myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia & presbyopia) by molding the shape of the anterior cornea (eye) during sleep time. The lenses are worn periodically just before bed and removed upon waking up in the morning for sustained clear vision all day.

With GOV® ortho k contact lenses, one can experience life without daytime contact lenses or glasses!! In addition, studies had shown effective myopia control results with GOV® ortho k contact lenses.

The GOV® ortho k lens incorporate US patented design (US #6,543,897) which is capable of managing high myopia (up to -10.00D or higher, subject to cornea suitability). Furthermore, Dual & Tilt designs are available for astigmatic management. Hence, a large population is suitable for GOV® ortho k contact lenses.

newmanware gas permeable ortho k(altered)

GOV® MR (Myopia Retention)

GOV® MR contact lenses are custom-made daytime rigid gas permeable lenses designed for myopia control. Multiple studies in the past decade have indicated effective myopia control with ortho k lenses.

GOV® MR contact lenses are tailored made rigid gas permeable lenses which adopts the Dual Geometric Lens Design (US patent # 7,070,275 & #6,997,553) to stimulate orthokeratology treatment effect when the lenses are worn on the eye during the daytime, controlling myopia.

GOV® MR contact lenses are available for individual with up to -20.00D myopia.

GOV® PR (Presbyopia Relieving)
GOV® PR Contact lenses are custom-made daytime multifocal rigid gas permeable lenses designed for presbyopia.

The lens adopts concentric simultaneous multifocal lens design (dual geometric, US patent #7,7070,275 & #6,997,553) which allow users to read naturally when wearing the lenses. There is no limitation in the visual angle like progressive lenses or bifocal lenses.

GOV® Multifocal GP (MFGP)
GOV® Multifocal GP (MFGP) is a progressive bi-aspheric RGP. Bi-aspheric means its aspheric back surface (concave side) being progressively flatter centrally outward, while the aspheric front curve (convex side) is progressively steeper. 

The closely conjugate bi-aspheric surfaces allow users to appreciate simultaneous distant and near vision. Hence, ask for GOV® MFGP if you are looking for custom made contact lenses that can correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. 

GOV® Scleral lenses

GOV® Scleral/Mini Scleral lenses
are a good for the following conditions:

  • Keratoconus
  • Keratoglobus
  • Corneal Ectasia
  • Post Corneal grafts
  • Post refractive surgery
  • High or Irregular Corneal Astigmatism

  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • Persistent Corneal Epithelial Defect
  • Chronic Severe Dry eyes

GOV® Scleral lenses are customised large diameter rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

When worn, they form a dome over the irregular or damaged cornea, providing a clearer and more comfortable vision.

When one has keratoconus, severe dry eyes or other conditions which make regular lens wear uncomfortable or even impossible, GOV® Scleral lenses may be the solution.