ArtMost® SOFT OK®
ArtMost® SOFT OK® monthly disposable contact lenses are special designed soft contact lenses specially design to stimulate 100% of ortho-k treatment zone contour on top of the cornea (eye) in attempt to provide equivalent myopia control effect as GOV® Ortho-K lenses. An ideal myopia control option for individuals (of all age group) with irregular sleeping pattern which is unsuitable for GOV® Ortho-K lenses. A clear alternative for myopia control (see enclosed published journal of effective myopia control with ArtMost® SOFT OK® lenses)! In addition, the lens comes with UV protection, protecting your eyes from UV radiation when outdoors. 

Available in MR design for individuals with low astigmatism & TC design for individuals with mid-to-high astigmatism. 

ArtMost® Specialty Soft Lens

ArtMost® applied all their patented lens design knowledge to come out with a revolutionary series of specialty soft lenses.
Among all the specialty soft lens, we have SPR lens, SMR lens and STC/SEC lens.

The SPR lens is specifically designed for individuals with moderate to high presbyopia, they need stronger prescription for reading while keeping the far vision un-compromised with the central distant design. In addition, the ArtMost® series of lenses are spherical-aspheric design, the tear ring forms tear lens underneath the lens as an RGP can do, correcting 1.5-2 diopters of corneal astigmatism without toric design. 
SMR, which stands for Soft Myopia Retard, is specially designed to stimulate 100% of ortho-k treatment zone contour on top of the cornea (eye). GOV® -ArtMost® group hope this soft lens design can provide equivalent myopia control effect as GOV® Ortho-K by duplicating the treatment shape. SMR having strong peripheral inward focusing optics may be also effective in offering presbyopia correction for younger presbyope.
STC is designed capable of correcting corneal cylinder up to -3.00D and is proved useful for irregular corneas such as post lasik, mild to moderate keratoconus, or post graft corneas for vision correction. SEC is specifically designed for keratoconus. An alternative for patients with keratoconus and intolerant of RGP lenses .